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Sonos Unveils Its First-Ever Portable Speaker

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Sonos just announced a suite of new products, including updated versions of their Play:1 speaker (now called the Sonos One SL) and Connect (now called the Sonos Port). But the thing that has us really excited from the multi-room speaker giant is the Sonos Move.

Its the first-ever portable speaker from the company and features both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to use it both on the go and as a part of your existing Sonos-fueled audio ecosystem.

It's ultra-rugged, despite the sleek interior, and comes in a new "Shadow Black" colorway that's specifically designed to prevent the speaker from overheating while in the sun. It's also a smart speaker, so if Amazon Alexa is your thing but privacy isn't, you can opt to turn that on. It's finished with a carry handle, which is a smart addition, and a simple toggle to switch back and forth between Wi-Fi to Bluetooth.

We love this for the obvious purposes (a day at the beach, perhaps) but it's also great for entertaining. Specifically: moving it to your backyard without having to worry about a power source while staying connected to the rest of your home speakers. It's also great for temporarily moving tunes or a podcast to the bathroom when showering.

Pre-orders are now live with deliveries to land by Sept. 24. We have a feeling these won't be easy to find during the holiday rush, so try to get your order in stat.