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Marshall Expands Its Portable Speaker Collection With New Models

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British amplifier maker Marshall just released two new portable Bluetooth speakers in their signature amp-inspired aesthetic, each with 20 hours of battery life, a Bluetooth range of 30 feet, bass and treble control knobs, and multi-directional stereo sound. They also revamped the Kilburn II ($299) to match the look of the new models.

The difference between The Stockwell II ($249) and The Tufton ($399) is largely down to the size, as The Stockwell II is extremely travel-friendly whereas The Tufton is literally the largest wireless Bluetooth speaker on the market. Both deliver a pounding, retro-hued sound but The Tufton can fill a room in a completely different way. Each speaker also acts as a power bank if you need to recharge your phone or tablet in a pinch.

A rock and roll icon for the stage and now the living room, head here to get your order in.