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Somebody Made A (Sophisticated!) Scooter/Suitcase Combo

And it's surprisingly amazing.
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The dudes over at Suitsupply set out to make the ultimate piece of carry-on luggage for the jetset crowd.

The result? A beautiful roller suitcase made out of Italian calf leather with two-way nickel finished zipper and a fold up wheel-base for easy overhead department storage.

They also...possibly accidentally...realized that this aerodynamically sharp and efficiently designed suitcase could also double as a full-blown Razor scooter wannabe. So if you're ever running late and think you might miss your plane, you could always copy these moves...

Best paired with a finely tailored suit, this look would be far less cool if you're appearance is more Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network than David Gandy. You can pre-order the thing now for $599.