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There's A Vietnamese Airline Staffed With Bikini-Clad Gals


Flying commercial is less than exciting in 2016. The seats are cramped, the drinks warm, and the atmosphere rivals that of a prison cell. Fortunately, for those traveling around Southeast Asia, VietJet Air is coming to save the day with bikini-clad flight attendants on select flight.

 Cheesy? Slightly. But we're all for mixing up stale air travel with a little style.

Currently, the airline has a 30% market share in Vietnam and the privately-owned airline is set to go public, adding to founder Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao's fortune and putting her on the billionaire list.

With a look that feels more Catch Me If You Can than a Hooters in North Florida, we can't help but throw this a co-sign. (Source: Maxim)