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This Sri Lanka Hotel Is a Sustainable Treetop Paradise

Feel-good sanctuary all around.

TRI, an island vacation resort, is located in the middle of the Koggala Lake Galle in Sri Lanka. It's regarded as the tiny island nation's first truly contemporary, sustainable luxury design hotel and majorly worthy of your next passport stamp. 

Once wheels down, you'll have to board the resort's solar-powered boat for a ten-minute water-drive to get from mainland to the island. Right away, you'll notice the resort's immense guided-by-nature aesthetic- living walls, green roofs, solar hot water, recycled woods, and local materials outfitting its accommodations and landscapes.

You can revel in your rainforest view, take a dip at the edge of your lake backdrop, catch the most soothing read of your life, get your namaste on before a massage, you name it. The relaxing activities are virtually endless.

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