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The Generator Is A Hostel Chain Like You Haven't Seen Before

There are two schools of thought when it comes to travel accommodations. Members of the first, that time abroad should be spent exploring a new city and not the hotel lobby, are likely to be younger and more adventurous. Or, they might just not give a damn about the details and want to save every pence for a pint (not that there’s anything wrong with that). The second school of thought would argue that not only are top-shelf accommodations necessary for comfort, they add to the experience.

But as it turns out, there’s a third option somewhere in the middle. While the Generator brand is a hostel by name, each of its ten locations shares an aesthetic more akin to a local mid-range boutique hotel. 

All the familiar trappings of European hostels are present including affordable bars and groups of chatty students, but you’ll also notice a slightly more buttoned-up crowd, likely roosting in private rooms like the beautiful Sky Suite in the Venice Generator.

Despite a cohesive overall branding, each location infuses some unique flavor, like Paris’s views of the tenth or Amsterdam’s auditorium space. 

Oh yeah, and most of them feature event spaces that host concert series or panels as well, open to everyone but discounted for guests.

They’re set to open two more locations in Stockholm and Rome this summer. There’s a lot of these new "boutique hostel" chains hatching around Europe, but we’d have to recommend Generator for any traveler on a semi-budget.