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These Cool New Safari Lodges Are Built to Look Like Shipwrecks

Adventure travel company Natural Selection has opened an exceedingly cool new safari camp on Namibia's new Skeleton Coast. Shipwreck Lodge is actually a series of safari lodges designed to look like the spooky shipwrecks that lie on this fabled northern part of the Atlantic coast of Namibia. 

The lodge is situated in the Skeleton Coast National Park, a "hauntingly beautiful place where towering sand dunes and wind-swept plains roll as far as the eye can see" accessible only by 4X4 and punctuated by bleached whale and seal bones as well as the remnants of over a thousand ships that have taken on an extra-terrestrial appearance over time.

Wood burning stoves provide warmth against the coolness of the nights as well as contributing to the atmosphere. Inside, shades of blue, burgundy, black and white represent the "ever-changing moods of the Atlantic Ocean", set off by the use of recycled wood, rope, linen and cotton.

The team of architect Nina Maritz and interior designer Melanie van der Merwe went to great lengths to be environmentally friendly and use only native materials, hence each of the cabins was built using only wooden nails while lights are solar powered throughout.

At the center of the camp is a lounge and restaurant with a wraparound deck offering uninterrupted views across the sand to the Atlantic Ocean. This is not the kind of safari where giraffes come wandering up to your tent at night, but if your aesthetic is more Star Wars than Out of Africa you're definitely going to want to check this place out. 

Rates start at about $750 a night which includes all meals, drinks and activities, so that's a pretty good deal. And since the Atlantic Ocean is nearby you can even catch your own dinner if you're so inclined.