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France Uncorked A Wine Theme Park You Need To Visit ASAP

A strong 180 from Six Flags.
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You know what the world desperately needed? A wine theme park. So God bless the founders of La Cité du Vin, who casually and seemingly out of nowhere built a luxurious and stylish $80 million center in Bordeaux, France for all things vino.

Far from your average tasting room and ever farther from your average theme park, this ultra-modern space packs tons of multimedia installations, wine shops, exhibits, classes, tasting areas, and other fun stops for those who enjoy some fine grape. 

Though there's not a roller coaster or firework show in sight, something tells us you'll have too much fun here regardless.

Recently opened with admission at just $22 a ticket – which includes a free glass of wine – we can't recommended adding this to your getaway to-do list more. (Source: Maxim)