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This Must-Visit Beach Town Doesn't Have a Single Paved Street

Exploring Jericoacoara.

Need a new South American getaway spot to unplug and relax? We might have your answer. The village of Jericoacoara in the Brazilian state of Ceará is surrounded by sand dunes and there are no paved roads into—or within—town.

You may be told the place is only reachable by 4WD but that’s not quite true. Plenty of people arrive each day via kiteboard, having caught the wind from Prea a few miles up the coast.

Spend your days swimming, kitesurfing, lounging in a hammock and walking through the sandy streets in search of your next caipirinha. Jeri is a late night party town, but with none of the drunken manic nonsense that term would imply in other places.

After leaving the highway from Fortaleza and beginning the final stretch toward Jericoacara, locals deflate their tires a bit for better traction. An evenly distributed deflation among all four tires is approximated by opening the air valve of each tire in turn while counting aloud to five or six–or rather, in Portuguese, to cinco or seis.