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Where Modern Hotel Design Collides With Iceland's Natural Beauty

Your next escape.
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An abandon inn was recently transformed into Ion Aventure Hotel, a stunning boutique getaway spot in Iceland.

Completely surrounded by the craziest of landscapes, mossy ridges, and volcano hot springs, there are not many places in the world like this. It's pretty much the ideal place to unplug and ignore the inbox.

The farm-fresh chow at Silfra Restaurant & Bar isn't messing around and the view-heavy Northern Lights Bar is heaven for people who like strong drinks and beautiful vantage points. Without many dining options, it's a good thing the on-property hot spots come highly regarded.

The on location pool is absurdly well designed and super romantic, like something you'd see in a Bond movie. Minimal and peaceful, there's a zen-like quality throughout the whole property. Everything you need, nothing you don't.

All the bedding and furniture is constructed using sustainable materials like local driftwood for style as crisp and clean as the air outside. There's an art to minimalism–you never want it to feel too stark–and it finds that gray area perfectly.

A chilly paradise for any globetrotter who obsesses over good design, photography trips, and laid-back living–heading out here is most definitely recommended.

The Northern Lights ain't bad to look at either...