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6 Rules for the Perfect Road Trip

Your guide to dominating long drives.

A few of us just wrapped the Mille Mitten, a 1,000+ mile lap around around one of America's greatest states.

It's a hell of a drive (that you should totally be doing next year) made better by following these simple rules:

1.) Bring friends

Everything is better in a convoy. Try and keep it two to a car and switch co-pilots often.

2.) Rent it

If you don’t want to put the miles on your own car, rent one. It's a great way to get behind the wheel of a fresh ride without tearing up your daily driver. Bonus points for a classic.

3.) Sync your phone with playlists that will outlast your drive by at least 4x

You’ll still listen to the same Father John Misty and ScHoolboy Q tracks anyway, but it’s nice to be able to throw it on shuffle in a pinch and get “THat Part” out of your head.

4.) Plan a route in advance, but don’t be afraid to take detours

Weather, moods, and traffic can derail a day if you’re stubborn about sticking to the script. More than likely, the detour will be the thing you remember best. 

5.) Skip the restaurant booth

Order to go and eat outside on the hood or spoiler of your car in a more interesting location. Life is too short to wait for the server to ask if you saved room for dessert.

6.) Embrace the touristy stuff

Do at least one thing on the trip that you would never do on your own. Something that your parents would’ve dragged you to when you were seven. You would’ve hated it then, you won’t now.

So remember: playlists, fun, safety. In that order. See you on the road.