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Get in Touch with Your Inner Explorer at Hotel Norge

Never been to Scandinavia? Then you’ve probably never heard of Scandic Hotels, the region’s charmingly versatile hotel chain that likely has an outpost wherever you’re considering going. And if the fjords and sights of Bergen, Norway happen to be calling your name, you’re in luck – it’s home to Scandic’s design crown jewel, Hotel Norge by Scandic.

Scandic boasts 280+ properties, from Aalborg all the way to Visby, with a smattering even in Germany and Poland. You’ll find them near nature parks, water parks and even normal parks (like, in a city). But on the spectrum of Scandic’s sleekest hideaways, Hotel Norge would take top billing. Scandinavianially (should be a word) spartan in its design yet effective in its functional result, it’s on-brand for a romantic staycation, a biz trip or even a base camp before setting off to find Asgard.

And explore you should. At Hotel Norge, you’re dead center of the fjord universe, with unbeatable cruises, train rides and Instagram thirst traps in every direction. And thanks to an extremely knowledgeable concierge staff, you can conquer all of this with less than 24-hours’ notice. But if you’re a planner, we’d recommend taking an ultra-comfy NORLED cruise to Flam, seeing the Todd Saunders-designed Stegastein Viewpoint (below) and then taking the Flam railway back to Bergen for a perfect day trip.

The docks are a 5-minute walk from Hotel Norge – along with just about everything else in Bergen. The central city lake right below the hotel makes for the perfect running route before an appropriately rustic lunch at Colonialen Litterahuset; alternately, sample Norwegian pizza in the locals-only, vibey Hoggorm. For evening plans, the hotel is a stones’ throw vicinity from bars seemingly engineered for tucking away with an elderflower cocktail on Bergen’s famously rainy nights. At Apollon, you can drink beers and talk shop among vinyl records and around the corner Ujevnt fits the bill nicely for the aforementioned potent potable.

The following morning, Hotel Norge’s breakfast spread won’t leave you wanting thanks to nova lox and a prime tart berry selection. And that ultra-freshness? You guessed it – both five minutes away, the fish from the docks and the berries from the mountains directly above.

As for the hotel’s aesthetics, the consistent lighting throughout and the windows in both the lobby bar and the top-floor balcony suites are ideal for brain-dead rainy-daydreaming. And there’s no sacrifice of design details, like the elegant, utilitarian brass hardware and the unique room interiors, thanks to the furniture’s asymmetrical simplicity.

So answer the call – get thee to Norway’s west coast and that mythological natural beauty you’ve always heard so much about. And when you’re done with the adventuring shtick, Norge is the perfect place to kick off those hiking boots.