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7 Chef-Approved Spots to Visit in Copenhagen

Denmark must do's.

Andreas Bagh, executive chef of the Michelin-starred Copenhagen restaurant Marchal at Hotel d’Angleterre was in California recently to prepare a pop-up dinner.

At one point in the meal (after the roast pigeon with roses and cherries but before the rhubarb tart dessert with strawberry-pistachio cream) we asked him to share some tips for making the most of a visit to Denmark. Forthwith, his local faves:

1.) Cocktails at Balderdash

"Balderdash is quite underground in Copenhagen,” Bagh says, “not many of the locals know about it. It's located in a local Danish pub. The bartender, Geoffrey Canilao worked at some of the best bars in New York, then fell in love with Copenhagen. He makes experimental avant-garde cocktails—some with dried ants!"

2.) Dyrehaven

“Twenty minutes by train from Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful places. You can walk around and encounter wild deer. It’s where the rich people of Copenhagen in the 18th century went for picnics.”

3.) Geist

“Try Geist, a very hip restaurant with a rustic and cozy atmosphere. It's a place where the jet set goes, with a lot of choices in dishes made by one of my good friends, very modern and artistic.”

4.) Østre Anlæg

“In Copenhagen we have some of the most beautiful parks. A couple of my favorites are Kongens, which is a two-minute walk from d’Angleterre. And the Østre Anlæg which is part of the old defense system of Copenhagen. Really nice for a stroll.”

5.) Louisiana Museum

“You have to visit Louisiana outside of town! It has modern art, contemporary art and sculptures and overlooks the sea. A truly stunning place where you can spend a day.”

6.) Restaurant 108

“Another great place to hang out is 108," Bagh tells Airows. "It’s Noma’s 'little sister' restaurant, and more casual. There you can feel the personality of the dishes, created by my friend Kristian. You can walk in in jeans and a t-shirt and have a great meal.”

7.) The Ocean Bath at Islands Brygge

“The Ocean Bath on Islands Brygge is literally two minutes from Hotel d'Angleterre. Sometimes after work we go and jump in the water.”