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This Ingenious Carry-On Bag Makes Traveling Twice as Easy

Getaway ready.
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Stitch, purveyors of some of the finest golf gear money can buy, took the same highly resilient and durable material used in their caddy bags to build a super stylish, all-black-everything carry-on for the modern man.

It's sleek and cool, sure, but its real value comes from the function. Thanks to an origami design, the bag can convert from duffle to garment and back to duffle again with ease. No more dragging two different bags through the airport or getting to your destination with a super wrinkled blazer. It's the best of both worlds – half duffle and half garment – giving you simple and relaxed transport of all your favorite garb in the best possible package.

With an included hanger hook, elastic pockets for shoes, and webbed handles for easy carrying, Stitch's take on the getaway bag is definitely impressive.