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This Milan Hotel Is Overflowing With Panache

In any other city, the eclectic clutter that decorates the public areas of The Yard Milano hotel would seem like someone was trying too hard: vintage bowling pins, bound volumes of Field & Stream, photos of a young Mick Jagger, 17th century framed architectural engravings and a genealogical tree of the kings of Savoy. But this is Milan, a design-conscious town, so somehow it all works. Even the leather mechanics’ aprons the bellboys wear, as if they’ve just finished an oil change on a 1930s Bugatti.

Each of the guest rooms (starting about $300/night) and suites has a different theme: the safari room, the equestrian Mustang room, the JFK suite, the Conte Trossi suite named for 20th-century racecar driver Carlo Felice Trossi.

The hotel bar, called The Doping Club, has a short list of attitude-y club rules (don’t ask for a mojito or a Long Island iced tea) and a longer list of craft cocktails and is a gathering spot for locals. A pizzeria on the ground floor fills a space that was formerly the locker room of a boxing gym, which explains the Rocky Marciano and Joe Louis allusions everywhere.

From the street, you'll know you've arrived at your hotel when you spot the large sign announcing (in Italian of course) it's an authorized dealer for Pirelli tires.