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International travel is literally zero fun. There's jet-lag, lost productivity, unbearably long flights, and a cut-off from family and loved ones.

Fortunately, there's a new solution coming, and it will let you leave New York in the morning, make it to London for meetings in the afternoon, and get you back to Manhattan in time to tuck your little ones into bed.

Sounds too good to be true? Nah. It's actually coming shortly thanks to a Denver based aviation startup called Boom.

Concorde was a big deal a few years go, but the price tag when that hits (if it ever hits) is going to be astronomically high. Flying Boom is right around the same price as flying business class. Certainly not your Southwest Airlines mega-deal, but not robbing you blind, either.

By altering aerodynamics, adding carbon fiber composites, and boosting planes with the latest engine technology, their planes are able to fly 2.6 times faster than the biggest and baddest airline on the market right now.

That means:

Expect this to land in the next few years. We're ecstatic.