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This New Book Celebrates the Best Travel Photos from Top Architects and Designers

The latest book from French luxury publisher Assouline has a rather lofty mission statement—to "highlight the preeminence of outstanding design and its importance for every civilization." But Travel by Design: Global Inspiration from Top Design Talents manages to do just that.

Conceived of as an "inspirational and informative resource," the book features 350 travel photographs by more than 150 of America’s top architects and designers, taken in more than 100 locations in 60 countries.

Assembled it equates to "an inspiring guide to the power of travel to shape and expand our world," reminding us of "the beauty and importance of travel," especially in a time when it's been severely restricted by world events.

The book takes readers on a global journey through cityscapes, ancient civilizations, luxurious resorts, and stunning natural wonders, "all seen through the discerning and artistic eyes of today’s leading creative talents." 

The book's editor Michael Boodro, the former Editor-in-Chief of Elle Decor among other credentials, selected the photos. But what really puts the book over the top is the 40-page section of insider resources—from must-visit hotels and restaurants to secret shopping stops and off-the-beaten-path attractions.

As Peter Sallick, founder of the Design Leadership Network, writes in the introduction, "Anyone who knows designers, architects, and those in similar creative professions understands that most of them have a very broad perspective on the nature of design, and of their own creativity"—hence the idea for the book.

"They are professional and passionate, interested and observant, and above all have great taste."