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10 Sleek Essentials That Take the Stress Out of Travel

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Take the stress out of being on-the-go with these 10 aesthetically pleasing pieces that double down on function as much as design:

Steamery No. 2 Travel Steamer, $140

Skip the mediocre Airbnb iron or overpriced hotel laundry service and opt for this travel-sized steamer that heats up in just 25 seconds and has enough capacity for six straight minutes of steam.

Native Union Night Cable, $40

Awkwardly placed hotel outlets, meet your match. This beautifully designed charging cable from Native Union has a 10-foot range so you can comfortably use your phone in bed while juicing up. On top of the extra distance, the specially designed fabric is six times stronger than the standard cable Apple provides.

Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy, $31

This pulse-point application from Aesop fights the fatigue and nausea of airplane travel with a unique blend of ginger root and lavender. Once you add this to the kit, you'll wonder how you ever traveled without it.

Matador FLATPAK Travel Toiletry Bottle, $13

Don't get stuck without your go-to grooming essentials because they fall outside of TSA size guidelines or be forced to purchase overpriced miniature versions. Instead, opt for these travel toiletry bottles from Matador that are lightweight and durable with waterproof and leak-proof construction.

Bose QuietComfort Headphones, $349

Bose may not be the most avant-garde brand in the audio category right now but they definitely make the most comfortable headphones money can buy. And when you're traveling over oceans with nothing but a few good movies on the agenda, good audio and wearability is everything.

Tangram Smart Rope Jump Rope, $80

You can't always rely on a hotel gym that's either woefully below par or packed with patrons. Instead, make sure you get some fitness in with this teched-out jump rope that packs easy and is loaded with LED lights showcasing your jump count and calories burned.

Horizn Studios M5 Cabin Bag, $350

When it comes to handsome luggage at a great price point, Berlin-based Horizn Studios is the answer. The M5 Cabin Bag hits all the right notes with a minimalistic design approach and quality construction. 

Mophie Powerstation Wireless XL 10K Battery, $100

Nothing drains an iPhone battery like a holiday in the sun or a busy stretch of business meetings. Make sure you're never in the red with this stylish power brick by Mophie that's finished with wireless charging capabilities.

Rylo 360 Degree Action Camera, $350 ($150 Off)

Ditch the GoPro camera for this new option from Rylo that captures your holiday adventures in 360 degrees.


The U3-A from Italian watchmaker UNIMATIC is a gorgeous design-forward dive watch at a great price point. Whether you pack your getaways with non-stop adventurous affairs or prefer to lay back in luxury, this timepiece is the move.