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Take a Stunning Trip to the Scottish Highlands Without Leaving Your Favorite Leather Chair

Escapism perfected.

We've been lucky enough to travel to the Scottish Highlands on more than one occasion, and there are few places on Earth that hold more appeal. Castles, whisky, shotguns, Land Rovers, epically beautiful landscapes – the Highlands has it all. 

While we're awaiting a return engagement, luxury publisher Rizzoli has come out with the ultimate fix: Highland Retreats: The Architecture and Interiors of Scotland's Romantic North by Mary Miers, now available on Amazon. Miers dips into the history of the place before serving up some ridiculously gorgeous design. 

The places she writes about were built as a playground for rich sportsmen who wanted to enjoy the stark beauty of one of the UK's most "exhilaratingly remote" places. Built for lavish shooting parties and country house weekends, the sporting lodges, many of them actual castles, were pinnacles of luxury in their day.

Most feature many of our favorite items – tartan, taxidermy, and antique weaponry – in Baronial interiors with rich paneled wood walls, massive fireplaces, Persian rugs and the rest of the stuff that fuels fantasies of a more gentlemanly era, and they are beautifully presented 250 full-color photographs.

There are many rare and previously unpublished historical images alongside specially commissioned photographs by Paul Barker to pore over - preferably with whisky in hand and a hunting dog at your feet. Designers, historians, sportsmen, travelers and anyone who wishes they could wake up in Scotland tomorrow will want to make space on the shelf for this stunning volume.

Happy hunting....