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Here's Your Field Guide to the World's Most Remarkable Road Trips

Anyone who loves cars is constantly in search of their next amazing road trip. Be it closer to home or a continent away, whenever the occasion arises we scout the best routes and store up vital information against the day when we can get behind the wheel and enjoy the sheer pleasure of a perfect road and a great set of wheels.

Which is why we're salivating at the prospect of Colin Salter's latest book: Remarkable Road Trips, due out from Pavilion Books on Sept. 3 and now available for pre-order on Amazon

Salter, the author of an excellent book about the most iconic Jaguar models, did exhaustive wheel work to compile the very best scenic drives the world over. Some you will already have heard of, others will be a revelation.

"Some take weeks, others mere hours, but all are spectacular," Salter notes. Covering 51 different routes across six continents, his suggested trajectories cover coastal routes, canyons, deserts, glaciers, mountains, tunnels, busy capital cities and remote villages – wherever there's a stunning road to be traversed.

From the vineyards of Alsace to the icefields of Canada, the salt flats of Bolivia and the 70 hairpin bends of the legendary Stelvio Pass in Italy, which has an Alfa Romeo named after it, there are some you'll be immediately drawn to and others that may even intimidate.

Take the 'Road of Death' in Bolivia – officially designated the most dangerous road in the world – for instance, if you're brave enough. And who wouldn't want to cruise across the amazing Amalfi coast road in Italy with its "twisting clifftop roadways, precariously perched hillside villages and sparkling sea views."

"Some road trips are also journeys through time," Salter notes. "Recent history oozes from every kilometer of the Ho Chi Minh Road in Vietnam, and along Germany’s Romantische Straase the castles and walled towns tell the countryside’s medieval story, before modern Germany existed."

So "whether you’re a seasoned traveler or an armchair motorist," be prepared to be transported to otherworldly landscapes via the pages of the beautifully photographed book, in preparation for the day when you can finally floor it along these eye-popping passages yourself.