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It almost goes without saying that even when diehard travelers say they want to visit every continent, they’re not actively planning a route to the seventh one. Antarctica is unforgiving as a destination and a schlep as a journey, to say the least.

But the founders of White Desert, explorers who’ve extensively traversed the continent, think that its beauty should be more accessible. And as a traveler, when you catch wind of an intimate, luxed-out hotel that offers quick trips to the South Pole and penguin safaris, you sit up and pay attention.

The six-pod, solar-powered, zero-impact, carbon-neutral and hyphen-heavy "camp" has actually been around for a minute now, but in honor of the 10th anniversary they’ve put a fresh coat of paint on the hotel in the form of significantly upgraded interiors.

Start saving – experiences start at $72,000 per person.