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9 Coolest Airbnb Spots Around The World

Only the best spots.

Here are a handful of Airbnb hotspots around the world that would each make for one hell of a vacation destination.

1.) Nanuku, Levu

We highly recommend shacking up anywhere you can #islandlife. But we really recommend shacking up on your own private island. Nanuku, Levu, is your killer private Fijian island with 10 acres of paradise to call your backyard which comes with your own local guide, housekeeper and boat.

2.) Borgia Castle

Why wouldn’t anyone not want to feel like royalty during Holiday? Take advantage of these historic views from one of its seven bedrooms, or terrace that looks out onto the property’s lake, in this Tuscan castle once belonging to the famed Borgia family.

3.) Casaviva Villa

It doesn’t get much cooler than coming back to a swanky-spa-like home after sunbathing all day at the South Bali beaches. Bring some friends, good tunes and chill on the antique Balinese beds poolside while enjoying a massage from the staff.

4.) Romantic Amapas

This spot is literally located in the Romantic Zone of old town, Puerto Vallarta. It has a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the Pacific and private hot tub and grill to cook up some carne asada. Sign us up.

5.) Urban Garden Studio

We always seem to click back on this spot. Maybe it’s the fact that you don’t need to jetset to the middle of nowhere to get some peace. Or its rad garden that puts your mind far away, but in just a few steps you’re discovering all that’s happening in Portland.

6.) Casa Civita

Footbridge driveway. Underground wine-cave. And a cave-pool. Only some of things you can exploit at this beyond cool Italian villa. This spot really looks like it’s out a dream, but in fact it’s an experience the hosts want you to live. And are willing to create any amenity you may need to make this a memorable reality.

7.) Kasbah du Toubkal Morocco

We love seeing the property type listed as, ‘castle.’ And this property got our attention. Not only for the breathtaking views of Toubkal National Park, but also because of its mission. A 5% charge is involved to your bill and goes back into preserving the local community. We dig everything about this location.

8.) Airstream in Andalucia

We are all for the Airstream movement. Calling Spain its garage, this Airstream is modern, amenity-filled, and comes with an outdoor deck with grill and pool for added unwinding. The view of the town within reach is also stunning.

9.) Geo Dome

We like to disconnect from it all sometimes. And we mean really disconnect. This Geo dome on a 12-acre property in the Catskills unplugs you from city life. Incredibly minimalistic, your stay includes access to an outdoor clawfoot tub, kitchen, fire pit, hiking trails, a community vintage clothing store and weekly donation-based yoga classes.