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Here's a few tips that will make airports, commercial flight, and travel in general a little less awful. 

1.) Quality Luggage--Worth The Investment

An ugly black fabric suitcase will make you feel like a college kid visiting Mom and Dad for Thanksgiving, not an international jetsetter. There's no shame in having roller luggage and there's no better option than Rimowa--their products are the highest quality money can buy and looks absolutely stunning. Plus it gets bonus points as you'll always know which piece of luggage is yours at baggage claim--it'll be the one everyone else wish they had.

2.) Dress Up (Kind Of)

It's important to be comfortable during a flight, but not too comfortable. Leave the gym shoes and sweatpants in the bag and opt for something a little more grownup and respectful. You'll feel better, look better, and act smoother.

3.) Focus On The iPad--Not The iPhone

Running low on iPhone juice is always a bummer, especially when on the go and in a new city. So don't drain your battery at the airport and on the plane and opt for a tablet to be your entertainment fix instead. That way, you'll never land with a battery in the red and won't have to attach one of those clunky battery pack cases to your phone.

4.) Load Up Your Tablet With Great New Movies, Magazines, And Games

A good way to make flying a little less terrible is having something to look forward to on the plane. A new magazine, movie, or addicting game is always a good move. The best, though? A solid Instapaper feed loaded with a bunch of articles you want to read but haven't had time. Prepare the night before and get everything loaded, set, and ready, so you're not rushing to sync that movie minutes before your Uber comes.

5.) Ditch The QR Code

A lot of fresh faces at the airport are ditching the standard boarding pass and opting for the app instead. What seems nice at first is actually quite the hassle, as the TSA technology plus the rotate on your iPhone make it nearly impossible to get the check in right the first time. The standard boarding pass takes two seconds to get at the no-lines-ever kiosks, so just snag one of those instead.

6.) Check Your Bag

The extra $25 and 15 minute wait when your plane lands is worth not having to drag something heavy through the airport and deal with the overhead compartments when boarding the plane. On top of that, you can throw whatever bathroom supplies you need in the thing without caring about TSA's size requirements. It makes the biggest difference hoping on the plane with nothing but a tablet or a small personal bag--it's amazingly freeing.

7.) Never (Ever!) Buy Airport Or Airplane WiFi

In the history of mankind, not once has airport or airplane WiFi worked correctly. Save your money, avoid frustration, and just get the work done when you land and have access to high speeds or find a way to get what you need to get done offline.

8.) Noise Canceling Headphones = Clutch

Whether it's the crying baby or the annoyingly talkative couple behind you on the planet, a good pair of noise canceling headphones will block out everything so you can relax in silence.

9.) Don't Recline Your Airplane Seat

You get very little comfort yourself when reclining your airport seat, all while making the person behind you unreasonably more uncomfortable. It's just not worth it--good karma will come to those who avoid.

10.) Don't Eat In The Air--Arrive Hungry Instead

It's always mind-boggling when you see people dropping $20 on a halfhearted sandwich when in the middle of a flight. Arrive hungry and eat at an actual restaurant once you arrive--your stomach and body will thank you.