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10 Amazing Outdoor Venues That Will Get You Pumped For Live Music This Summer

No dubstep allowed.

Summer is made for seeing live music outside. Catch a show at any of these 10 stunning outdoor venues, all of which are spectacles in different ways.

Gorge Amphitheater, Washington: Few locations combine live music with such an epic panoramic view. The Gorge encourages overnight camping, so turn a concert into a weekend trip and explore. Rumor has it there are several secret paths that lead all the way down to the water.

Fort Punta Christo, Croatia: Dominate any dinner conversation with a story about seeing a gig at Croatia's Fort Punta Christo. Ancient and absurdly cool, Christo is one of several gorgeously preserved Roman forts dotting Croatia’s coastline. 

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, California: Whether it’s a midnight set time inside the Masonic Lodge or a sunrise show on the cemetery lawn, a night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a proper event. If music isn’t your date’s thing, check the website for weekend film showings—this place is unforgettable.

Greek Theatre, California: The Greek is one of the best places to escape LA’s anxiety-inducing pace without actually needing to escape LA. Chill out among the tall trees for a view of the stage and a sprawling view of the City of Angels.

Red Rocks Amphitheater, Colorado: Colorado’s most famous concert venue is also its most visually impressive. It’s said that the music reverberates against the colored rock formations, creating a natural surround sound system. Sign us up.

Henry Miller Memorial Library, California: Named after one badass American author, Big Sur’s Henry Miller Library is legendary for its intimate performances set amid a Redwood forest. Only a few miles from Northern California’s spectacular coast, this spot is definitely worth a weekend drive along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Slane Castle, Ireland: We’ve got a thing for castles, but then again, who doesn’t? There’s not many backdrops more epic than this Irish castle built in 1701 where the sloping green lawns form a natural amphitheater.

Dalhalla, Sweden: It’s probably more than coincidental that Dalhalla’s name derives from the mythological Norse paradise Valhalla. This amphitheatre, set at the basin of an old rock quarry, stuns in both its natural location and its slick modern design.

Cumberland Caverns, Tennessee: So technically there’s no sunshine in this 32-mile-long cave. But imagine basslines bouncing off stalactites and stalagmites, and these cool caverns start to sound like the ultimate summer road trip pit-stop.

Empire Polo Club, California: Say what you will about flower crowns and celebrity sightings, but there’s nothing like seeing your favorite band play as the sun sets on the Empire Polo Fields in the Coachella Valley desert.