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Spotted: Robert Pattinson's 'The Batman' Sunglasses are Available Here

The latest trailer for The Batman was dripping with plenty of cool, from artful Matt Reeves-directed action shots to a suped-up muscle car acting as the Batmobile. It also showed off Robert Pattinson's moody Bruce Wayne character away from the cape and cowl, who can be seen wearing a pair of sleek sunglasses in a blink-and-you-missed-it moment. 

But who makes them? And where can you get them? Thankfully, we have answers.

The sunglasses are none other than the PO2747S from Italian eyewear house Persol—which makes a strong statement with black acetate frames with a rectangular silhouette and a retro meets modern vibe. Crystal-tempered lenses in green and Persol's patented Meflecto temples finish off the look.

If you want to channel Pattinson, the sunglasses are sold out in most places but available via Neiman Marcus for the time being.