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Taylor Stitch's New Seersucker Sweatpants Let You Relax in Style

Prior to the advent of air conditioning, Southern gentlemen had to make do with lightweight fabrics like seersucker designed to keep the wearer as cool as possible. Inherited from the brahmins of the British colonial era, it was—and still is—an elegant solution.

Seersucker's preppy connotations however have kept some gents who eschew that style from wearing it. Which is not only a shame, but no longer necessary. Because the apparel artisans at Taylor Stitch have crafted it into an item we can all appreciate: sweatpants.

Beyond the mere athleisure trend, sweatpants may well emerge as the defining garment of the current crisis; donning a pair in seersucker just goes to show that relaxed doesn't have to mean sloppy. 

Taylor Stitch has taken some classic puckered seersucker, rendered here in organic cotton, and added a bit of stretch for comfort, along with an elasticized drawstring waist and cuffs. You may recognize the cut as the brand's signature Après Pant, which elevates the traditional trim sweatpant silhouette with details like brass tips on the drawstring and a button fly.

The cool new seersucker Après Pants are not your grandfather's candy-colored glad rags either; Taylor Stitch has kept them monotoned, and offers both solid navy and British khaki in a nod to the fabric's origins.

"Whether you’re riding your bike around town, or laying low around the house, few fabrics breathe easier and look sharper than this," the brand notes. So we'd advise you to go all-in.