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This Unstructured Tweed Blazer Will Take You to Fall in First Class

We're long past the point of lamenting that summer's end is near, and well on our way to layering up for fall. Legacy pieces that are long on style and versatility are at the top of our list as always, which is why we've been paying lots of attention to the new autumnal offerings from Taylor Stitch

When the S.F.-based apparel artisans aren't bust reinventing the wheel, sartorially speaking, they're constantly refining the items that are already on their way to becoming icons in their own right.

Take the Gibson Jacket — this softly tailored blazer, an ideal accessory for travel, has made previous appearances in various cotton blends, but this season the brand has decided to up its game with a tweedy woolen take.

The new Gibson Jacket in Navy Windowpane Donegal is a subtly spectacular twist on the classic tweed sportcoat, softly tailored for "do-anything, go-anywhere" capability, including in cooler climes.

Donegal, distinguished by its bright flecks of color woven through the fabric, does double duty along with an understated windowpane pattern to give this Gibson added textural interest in addition to its increased heft.

So whether you find yourself dining with foreign dignitaries, bar hopping with newly-found friends, or trying to impress a beautiful museum curator, you can rest assured that this jacket is telegraphing the fact that you're a man of style and good taste – and that's half the battle right there.