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Watch Vigilantes Cut Off Man Buns On Unsuspecting Dudes

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A handful of South African guys have a problem with man buns, so much so that they drove around town looking for them only to cut them off with scissors while filming everything on a GoPro attached to their head.

There are a few problems with this whole thing:

1.) The fact that the vigilantes themselves have trendy (and ugly) neck tattoos and curly mustaches. These aren't distinguished and polished gentleman laying down some style advice, they're the type who fly from one trend to the next and are probably going to regret every fashion-focused decision they make.

2.) No matter how uncool the man bun might look, these jokers have no right to cut the thing off an unsuspecting guy. Bogus move.

3.) We still strongly oppose the man bun movement, but don't agree with these vigilantes in any way. Inspire and educate...don't take the law into your own hands.

All that said, some of you might get a kick out of the video. Watch here:

H/T Elite Daily