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Ever hear of Wally Walker?

Probably not.

That's because they're a family-run shop in Italy that's primarily focused on making luxurious sneakers for the fancy, flashy labels. 

But here's the secret – they quietly have their own line of in-house, Italian-made shoes. You might not get the recognizable logo, but you get the same insane quality and craftsmanship at a ludicrous discount.

They're made of a soft, cheesecloth-light suede with a leather insole and high-durability Livetech sole. Lightweight and airy, they can even be worn sans socks without discomfort and look just as good with shorts and a tee as they do with a linen blazer and your favorite pair of Persols.

Get a pair or two today – they're only $109/each – and let the devil-may-care Italian style wash over you as the compliments roll in.