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As we've been noting lately, the onset of autumn is coming up fast, which means that it's time to start strategizing, wardrobe-wise. The first thing we reach for when temps turn cooler is a good lightweight sweater, with enough warmth to it yet by no means bulky or inelegant.

Luckily the lads at Taylor Stitch are bringing back one of our favorite items that fits the bill–and us–to a T. The Hardtack Sweater might easily be mistaken for cashmere at first touch; but of course, since we're talking about Taylor Stitch here it's actually something a lot better: baby yak. 

Baby yak offers even more irresistible softness than cashmere, with better insulating properties, yet it's far more durable, and more humane and responsible to harvest. And the apparel artisans at the S.F.-based brand have made it even better by blending a touch of wool for both added sturdiness and a great texture and color that gives the Hardtack a handsome Donegal tweed look.

Add to that its equally tweedy sheepskin elbow patches and you have an all-time classic autumnal layer. This season Taylor Stitch is offering it in two great new colors: Navy Donegal and Oak Donegal, the latter a perfect shade of brown with a bit of green. Pre-order now at a $50 discount and they'll arrive in late October when you'll need 'em most.