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TUMI Introduces ATLAS [00:00 GMT] Fragrance

Travel brand TUMI, known for its sleek and durable gear favored by the likes of Chris Pratt and Tom Hiddleston, has just released a new scent in their fragrance line: ATLAS [00:00 GMT]. The worldly time stamp in the name is in keeping with the convention of their three prior fragrances, each of which is meant to fit the mood of a particular time of day, such as AWAKEN [08:00 GMT]. "ATLAS celebrates a man's time to himself," the brand explains. "The clock sets back to 0, resetting his focus as he disconnects from the world to reconnect with himself.”

The fresh top notes are citrus sourced from all over and include Florida grapefruit and Italian bergamot. Vetiver, a grass whose roots contain a fragrant oil, is a classic ingredient in men’s cologne along with sandalwood. ATLAS [00:00 GMT] has sandalwood in its base and doubles down on the vetiver with both Haiti and Java varietals, blending smokiness with the freshness. There’s a bit of ginger for some warm spiciness. The overall impression is not show-offy or seductive but self-assured.

We’d be remiss not to mention the clever locking bottle cap perfectly in keeping with TUMI’s niche. To open the bottle, you don’t pull or twist the top, but use the same simple thumb-swipe you’d use to turn the combination dial on a luggage lock. Try it for yourself here.