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Todd Snyder Launches All-New Denim Line

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On the hunt for new jeans? You're in luck as Todd Snyder has completely relaunched the denim collection he and his team offer. 

The new approach is organized into three tiers (Stretch, Selvedge, and Small Batch) and "based on the idea that there are moments when customers want an everyday, competitively-priced pair of jeans, and others when they’re in the market for something more special and limited-edition."

Small Batch jeans, for instance, are made from traceable selvedge denim woven on old school Draper looms source from the iconic White Oak mill in North Carolina. Stretch jeans, meanwhile, are significantly more affordable, and despite the untraditional stretch fabric, "will convert even the most resolute denim purist."

“I wanted three distinct categories of denim for the same reason that sometimes you want an artisanal sipping whiskey and others a draft beer,” says Snyder. “There are some mornings when I want to pull on an easy pair of stretch jeans, and other times when I want something unique that has all the rugged cool of a vintage find. What unites them all is we tried to ensure that each tier was the best expression of its kind.”

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