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These 3 Ultra-Comfortable Pieces From CWST Are Perfect For Fall

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Have you caught wind about CWST (pronounced "quest") yet? Formally Riviera Club, it's a laid back but upscale menswear brand with California sensibilities, killer fabrics, and unique fits. Their fall collection has a few must-own pieces, including these three favorites...


CWST Temple Trousers ($216): This is the absolute best piece in their fall/winter 2014 collection. It's a brushed weave fabric that looks formal but has all the comfort of your favorite sweatpants. The elastic waist adds to the cozy-factor and it's a look that would just as good with the latest Nike's as it would with dressier loafers.


CWST Vista Pants($216): These are cut slim but the material is stretchy and movable, so they're incredibly comfortable. The elastic at the ankles is a nice touch too.


Hardwood Hoodie ($168): Any photo of this hoodie wouldn't do the piece justice, this thing is amazing in person and even better when on. Made with a reversed french terry fabric, it's super warm, super cozy, and incredibly unique. The texture and softness is just amazing.

They also did a shoot with East Dane that shows off a handful of the looks. For your inspiration....

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Like what you see? Make sure to give 'em a follow on Instagram. Here are a few sample shots.

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They're also on Facebook and Twitter.