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There is a city in central Mexico where the citizens are sometimes called panzaverde, or Green Bellies. This moniker can be traced back to the trademark stains on the aprons of the city’s many leather tanners. You might go to Switzerland for a timepiece, Cuba for a smoke, or Venice for glass, but when the minds behind the Workshop from Taylor Stitch decided to build a boot, they traveled to the shoemaking capital of the world, León in Mexico.

Here, a 3 oz. weatherproof waxed suede outer, Vibram lug sole, natural leather midsole, foam insole, natural pigskin lining, and Goodyear welt construction come together the way León’s abuelos did it. The Ranch Boot is built to take whatever the ranch can throw at it, but balances its rugged chops with sophistication and thoughtfulness that would be just as at home in the city.

All this, plus everyday comfort, so you can put in the miles needed to develop a unique patina in your sueded leather. Pick up your pair here.