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This Italian Style Brand is Custom Made for Classic Car Guys

Motoring-minded gents accessories.

The Outlierman is based in Bologna, Italy, spitting distance from the home of both the Ferrari and Maserati factories, so it's no surprise the burgeoning style brand caters to men who appreciate classic sports cars, be they British, German or Italian.

Designed for the gentleman driver, something of a rare breed these days but still visible at events like Pebble Beach (where it is an official "style partner"), The Outlierman aims for a timeless elegance in accessories for the motoring-minded.

The line is limited to driving gloves, bow ties, pocket squares, neckties and silk braces, all handcrafted in Italy with high-quality materials and featuring various designs ranging from steering wheels to portraits of classic Porsches.

The gloves are fashioned from the highest quality deerskin and nappa lambskin by master glove makers from Naples. Pops of color and contrast stitching on the leather echo the paint jobs and interiors of the classic rides so revered by the designers.

"Driving is a passion we hold in our heart like a molecule of our DNA," the brand stated in its manifesto. "It's the feeling of leather touched by your hands, it's the sound of the wind blowing through your hair. Driving is the freedom tasted from your senses, it's the landscape that flows like a vintage movie scene."

"We know style is not about time," they state, "and it's not about trends: style lives in those who never stop traveling outside of the ordinary." At 100 mph, we might add....