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The Luxe Italian Dress Shoes With the Comfort of a Sneaker

Meet Wolf & Shepherd. They're not messing around.
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Every guy needs a pair or two of dress shoes, even if he isn't wearing a suit and tie to work five days a week.

The problem with most–they're either incredibly uncomfortable or closing in on a cool $1,000. Enter–Wolf & Shepherd.

Founded by a former Adidas designer, their team developed a fleet of Italian-leather, luxurious dress shoes with the same kind of plush memory foam technology found in the very best sneakers.

So comfortable, a 23-year-old marathon runner named Juris Silenieks even ran the Hotlanta Half Marathon in a pair, crushing an average time of 5:53 minutes per mile. Damn.

Prices usually range usually north of $350 but a few select styles are currently on sale for just under $300. Get after it.