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The Flight Jacket

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Even if you've never been inside a cockpit, you can still pull off a flight jacket. Our favorite manufacturer of the classic bomber is Alpha Industries, a true as can be military clothing company out of Knoxville, Tennessee. With low prices, sturdy design and heavy insulation--it's an easy way to look good and stay warm this winter. Just avoid the patches unless you've earned them.

The jackets below are just a few of our favorites but we suggest scoping out the dozens of different options available in their online store. Alpha Industries has many other types of apparel  including parkas, field jackets, sweatshirts, tee shirts, pea coats and sweaters. All of quality and craftsmanship.


MA-1 Flight Jacket, Sage Green


G-1 Leather Jacket, Black


MA-1 Reissued, Gun Metal


CWU 45/P Flight Jacket, Navy


Leather MA-1 Flight Jacket, Brown