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The Best Signet Rings for Men

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Signet rings were originally introduced in the 6th century, fitted with a family crest or personal emblem for validating wax seals. And though you won't be using modern examples to verify wills and testaments, they're an easy and stylish way to look like you might be a leader of a secret society or perhaps an international art thief. Wishful thinking, of course, but it certainly adds a little mystery to the man.

Our favorite options come from Miami-based jewelry brand Miansai thanks to their minimalist yet luxurious designs and impressive construction. They're sized just right, too, which is very important when it comes to signet rings. Too big and you look like a Boardwalk Empire extra, too small and you look like you stole something from your girlfriend's jewelry box. 

And as is the case with anything new and uncharted, it's best not to spend too much money on a piece that goes over the top with 18K gold and beyond. Miansai rings start at just $155, letting you ease your way into men's jewelry and this particular style statement.