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The Appeal of Pre-Distressed Sneakers

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Some of the best watches, jeans, leather jackets and more have a certain amount of patina to them. Sneakers can't get there without falling apart of smelling like the inside of a gym bag. Well, until Golden Goose entered the picture.

The Italian footwear label makes sneakers that look worn-in straight from the box. It's an odd thing to think about at first, but once you own a pair, you'll quickly understand why they've developed a cult following over the years. 

Yes, they're insanely comfortable from the jump with no breaking in required, but its strongest feature is how they'll unquestionably age better than any other shoe in your closet. That's thanks, in part, to the Italian construction, but also because those crispy white kicks aren't designed to look anything but pristine. These are. And when you stack them up against your other sneakers, you'll quickly see how these manage to only look better with every wear while others only look worse.

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