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Taylor Stitch's Wool-Lined Organic Cotton Trucker Jacket Is the Best of Both Worlds

At this point, it would be difficult to enumerate all the ways revolutionary clothing brand Taylor Stitch has improved and expanded upon the humble denim trucker jacket. Their version is appropriately called the Long Haul Jacket and at any given time it's available in various fabrics and iterations.

Their newest offering is one of their most innovative, however. It starts with Sashiko woven Japanese organic cotton; also known as "rice grain" fabric, it's most often used to make kimonos and is prized for its combination of softness and strength. The cloth is dyed in a beautiful indigo in this case.

The next step in creating the Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Sashiko is backing it with a 13-oz. 60-40 blend wool and nylon blanket fabric which gives it amazing insulating properties without overheating the wearer. This is the first lined Long Haul the brand has ever made.

The deep hues of the indigo dye will fade slightly with each wash and wear, "adding character and bringing out the weave’s distinctive texture over time," as Taylor Stitch notes. Incredibly soft, yet sturdy enough to "take on your daily stresses without batting an eye," the Indigo Sashiko is bound to become one of your cooler weather go-to's. 

And it's in stock now so there's no time like the present....