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This Waxed Trucker Jacket Is Built for the Long Haul

Fans of S.F.-based men's style superstars Taylor Stitch — and we count ourselves among them — are familiar with one of its key items, the Long Haul Jacket. It first debuted several years ago, but that doesn't mean the brand is finished improving it.

They've offered Long Hauls in everything from selvage denim to an indigo waffle weave, but this season's addition to the lineup is next level. For starters, they took 9-oz. organic cotton canvas and treated it with dry wax to "give it a fighting chance against the elements." 

As its name suggests, dry wax feels dry to the touch, thereby avoiding the occasionally sticky texture of heavier wax treatments. The Long Haul's imperviousness to the weather comes courtesy of storied UK firm Halley Stevensons, leading experts in waterproof fabrics.

This particular Long Haul punches above its weight, however, thanks to a 13-oz. wool blend blanket lining that’s soft, cozy, and "adds some extra heft to keep the cold at bay." 

So next time a big storm breaks, "you won't have to leave your favorite jacket at home—this Long Haul can take it," as the brand puts it.