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The Secret Ingredient in These Super-Soft Tees Is Eucalyptus Wood Pulp

When the style gurus at Taylor Stitch set out to do something different, you can expect to be surprised, enlightened and much better-dressed. So it is with their latest workshop project, the Triblend Tee

That's because these tees have something in them you've probably never seen on a clothing label before: eucalyptus wood pulp. Actually you might have heard of Tencel, which sounds like a nasty synthetic fiber but is actually made from wood pulp, but, of course, Taylor Stitch has upped the ante.

Their version is made from eucalyptus which is grown in pesticide-free, socially and environmentally responsible forests, making these the most guilt-free tees around. It's mixed with "upcycled" cotton and recycled polyester for a powerhouse blend that's both super-soft and hardwearing year round.

The eucalyptus lightens the Triblend's weight and improves its "hand," i.e. the way it feels, especially when mixed with organic cotton, which is cleverly sourced from discarded factory floors cuttings, while the recycled polyester was once part of a water bottle. 

It comes in heather grey (our favorite), classic black and basic white, which should just about cover every conceivable occasion and anything you could possibly pair it with. Buy all three and you'll be impeccably base-layered for life.