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Here's the Sweater and Jacket You Need to Move Through Fall at Full Throttle

Each season the lads at Taylor Stitch take their best-selling pieces and offer 'em up in new colors and fabrics, meaning our favorite wardrobe standbys get a new lease on life. 

For fall the S.F.-based apparel artisans are offering fresh takes on two icons-in-the-making, the Fisherman Sweater, and the Winslow Parka

The Fisherman Sweater won over fans from day one thanks to a seaworthy silhouette designed for the inclement weather found on both coasts. Warmth and texture without bulk are its hallmarks, thanks to a "simple-yet-elegant" waffle stitch and hearty 1.5 gauge yarns.

The fabric is a custom wool blend developed for its temperature regulation, strength, and odor resistance. And this season Taylor Stitch is offering it in both a maroon and natural oatmeal colorway. 

"Set sail, cast away, and head to the horizon—our take on the classic Fisherman sweater will keep you cozy whether your daily catch is halibut or a pint after work," as the brand says.

The Winslow Parka meanwhile is well known for its proprietary organic cotton canvas treated with beeswax giving it natural weatherproofing. It shows particularly well in the new Slate grey colorway which suits autumnal activities to a T. 

Matched with a bespoke stripe blanket liner, it can keep you warm no matter what the weather decides to throw your way, and looking damned stylish to boot.