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Taylor Stitch's Indigo Jacquard Shirt Is the Right Way to Do Camo This Summer

If you've been faithfully following our Taylor Stitch coverage – and no doubt becoming a better-dressed man for it – you know that shirting is one of the S.F.-based style gurus' strong suits. And among their iconic silhouettes, the Jack is a real standout.  

As the brand notes the Jack has "provided a canvas for some of our most fruitful experimentation," and this short-sleeve version both continues the tradition and kicks it up a notch, as Taylor Stitch never ceases to do.

"Despite our penchant for trying new things, the style’s winning formula remains unchanged: button-down collar, tailored fit, and rugged construction combine to make the Jack an honest-to-goodness essential," they note.

But that's just the beginning. Because you'll notice that the rather mesmerizing camo pattern has a depth and texture to it unseen on other garments. Which is because it's actually a weave and not a print.

In fact, it was created by "the interplay between three distinct jacquard-woven stitching patterns," Taylor Stitch notes, which they assure us looks even better in person than in photos. And to top it off the Short Sleeve Jack in Indigo Jacquard Camo has been washed for softness and sewn using cotton grown according to the standards of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), which exists to make global cotton production better for both the people who produce it and the environment it's grown in.

Because looking good and feeling good about it is the hottest trend there is.