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Taylor Stitch's New 'Restitch' Launch Goes the Distance

We've often cited Taylor Stitch's credo that they craft clothing "for the long haul." Perhaps you've dismissed it as mere marketing jargon. With its new Restitch initiative, however, the brand proves that it is dead serious about making clothes built to last a lifetime. That's because no Taylor Stitch item ever needs to be thrown away. If something does get damaged or become too worn to wear, Restitch steps in to repair and renew it, thus giving the piece a second life. 

The S.F.-based apparel artisans also revitalized returned merchandise in this way; and by the time the items have been cleaned and repaired, "we consider them better than new," as they say. Sometimes, of course, the amount of wear on an item makes it more desirable and in this case, a thorough cleaning suffices.

The program also offers the chance to acquire items that for one reason or another you couldn't get your hands on at the time of their original launch. Depending upon availability, a classic jacquard shirt might even be available in good as new, lightly worn, or well-worn condition.

Check out all the goods in the Restitch shop here – new ones are added daily – and get hooked. Because Taylor Stitch has once again invented a whole new way to buy