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This Midweight Organic Canvas Jacket Is as Versatile as It Is Stylish

The style gurus at Taylor Stitch delight in doing things with organic fabrics that no one's ever thought of before. And that's after they create the cloth in the first place.

Their latest apparel innovation: the Welterweight Winslow, a lighter-weight version of the wicked waxed canvas field jacket they came out with a while back that quickly sold out. 

The sustainable organic cotton canvas with its water-resistant waxed finish was custom made for them by the UK's Halley Stevensons, the world's leading innovators, manufacturers, and suppliers of specialist weatherproofed canvas, founded in 1864.

The Welterweight Winslow, weighing in at 5 oz., was designed to be worn year-round, has enough pockets to carry all your daily essentials and is strong enough to "keep the water and wind at bay," Taylor Stitch notes.

Custom crafting the fabric is the key to this piece's utility, the brand notes: "You can’t add a wax treatment to any fabric and expect to make it water-resistant. While the proprietary paraffin wax ‘seals the deal,’ water resistance starts with a tight box weave. And the one we developed for our Welterweight Winslow is so tight that’s it’s difficult to see with the naked eye."

Invisible or not, rest assured that this is one layer that will keep you high and dry, and looking like a hero to boot.