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Optimism Is Back in Style, And This Shirt Is the Way to Show It

Better times are just ahead. We firmly believe this. We have the strength of character to always come out swinging, part of what makes this nation great. In that same spirit, we advocate a return to optimism. Both spiritually and sartorially. 

Which brings us to one of Taylor Stitch's latest creations: the Short Sleeve Jack shirt in green madras. It's a garment that speaks of sunnier weather and enjoying life to the fullest. A true classic, it also reminds us that some things, like great American style and well-made clothes, always endure.

Cut to the brand's signature slim-fitting Jack silhouette, the short-sleeve madras version is made from medium-weight 100% organic cotton. It feels similar to linen or oxford cloth, with a bit more structure and substance.

Madras came to prominence in the early '60s at the height of Ivy league style, Taylor Stitch notes. There’s a crispness to the fabric, yet it softens over time, and it breathes exceptionally well. 

The green colorway is fresh and fun, yet still subtle enough to wear under a blazer. And even on its own, it says a lot of good things about the man wearing it.