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Taylor Stitch's New T-Shirt Design Is a Summer Road Trip Essential

The famed VW Squareback – a rare and iconic Karmann Ghia with an "estate" body – is the kind of classic car that appeals to those who appreciate design and practicality over ostentation and snob appeal. It also makes a damn cool surf wagon. Hence the perfect vehicle for Taylor Stitch's genius creative director Mikey Armenta to commute between the brand's S.F. offices and the beach.

The cream-colored cruiser also makes an appearance on the pocket of the apparel artisans' latest slice of perfection, the limited edition Heavy Bag Road Tripper Tee. Rugged and super-soft, it's "built for the long haul," the words scripted underneath the cool illustration of the surf-board toting Squareback.

Plus Taylor Stitch's craftsmen sew each and every one from custom developed textiles made entirely from upcycled and recycled yarns that are shredded and re-spun for a product that's 100% waterless, saving about 1200 gallons of H20 along the way.

"A slick mode of travel is only as good as the trip it takes you on – which is why this limited edition Heavy Bag Tee is dedicated to all the travelers out there," the brand notes. "Wherever the road takes you, make the most of it."