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A More Dignified, Stylish Sweater Is Here to Level Up the Wardrobe

On Feb. 5 in 1977, the Washington Post ran an article with the headline, “President Carter, the Sweater Man.” That week, our former commander in chief made history as the first president to address the nation in a sweater. Leave it to a southern gentleman, not used to cold Washington winters, to endow woven yarn with new stately power. At the time, Ralph Lauren explained: “Carter wore a sweater to establish his own identity. It should have an impact greater than a movie star or an athlete. It could change the etiquette of clothes."

45 years later, it might be argued by the designers at Taylor Stitch that the sweater era is more alive than ever.

Their newly unveiled Orr Sweater is the embodiment of a classic sweater that even the most self-serious man could pull off. The cable knit design and chunky ribbing are effortlessly cool, timeless touches. While the 100% organic cotton yarn promises coziness without the itch.

The fabric, meanwhile, is garment-dyed for a vintage look that pairs as well with corduroys or chinos as a good book or an old Scotch.

This season, address your nation with the piece right here