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Taylor Stitch Delivers the Ultimate Distressed Jean

Of course, there are circumstances where "mint condition" is worth a premium (think "Wayne Gretzky rookie card" for example), but when it comes to a new pair of jeans, a bit of character and fade help avoid that first-day-of-school feel of too-new clothes. The Democratic Jean in Patch Wash Selvage from Taylor Stitch has character to spare and is destined to become a familiar fave in your wardrobe.

The comfortable fit has a bit of room where you want it to prevent constriction around the thighs, and then moderate tapering down the legs for a flattering silhouette. The 34” inseam means you can choose to turn up the cuffs if you don’t hem them. Taylor Stitch are expert at sourcing their fabric, in this case, 100% organic cotton indigo selvedge in a versatile season-spanning 13-ounce weight.

An example of the inspiration behind some of the details of these jeans is the hand-stitched repairs on the front left and back left leg, the ‘patches’ in washed selvage that they’re named for. The Taylor Stitch crew found an old pair of jeans with that sort of patch and decided to replicate it for an instant bit of vintage flair.

Your pair will arrive in the iconic Taylor Stitch map-print box looking like they have stories to tell and ready for more stories ahead. Get yours here.